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verba volent, scripta manent – words flee, writing remains

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Writer in the House

Articles on writing, for writers, by a writer.

*   # 1: I've Got An Idea...
*   # 2: Learning How: Reading
*   # 3: Learning How: Write, Write, Write!
*   # 4: Learning How: Courses, Workshops, & Tutors
*   # 5: Learning How: Critique Groups & Writers' Groups
*   # 6: Learning the Lingo
*   # 7: Finding Markets
*   # 8: Being Realistic
*   # 9: Writer's Etiquette
*   # 10: Avoid These Beginner's Blunders

*    How to Write A Synopsis
*   What to Put in a Query or Cover Letter
*   Trim the Fat from Your Writing
*   What Do I Need to Write Fiction?
*   Rights: What They Mean and Why They're Important
*   How to Protect Yourself from Questionable Agents
*   How to Keep Details Straight When Writing Your Book
*   Stepping Out of Character – Point of View
*   Punctuating Dialogue
*   Grammar Gaffes and How to Avoid Them
*   More Grammar Gaffes and How to Avoid Them
*   I'm So Confused! Avoiding Reader Confusion, Part One
*   I'm So Confused! Avoiding Reader Confusion, Part Two
*   Be An Idea Collector
*   You Know More Than You Think
*   How to Look Like An Amateur
*   Advice for Internet Scammers
*   Defining the Sub-genres of Speculative Fiction
*   The Timeline of Ideas
*      When It Hurts to Work: Coping with Computer-Related Injuries
*      Advice for Authors   by Seth Godin, August 2006

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